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PostSubject: Zanimljivosti   Zanimljivosti Icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2009 10:30 am

Evo par interesantnih cinjenica na engleskom:

Johnny has 13 tatoos--signifying important milestones in the actor's life and the people he has shared time with.

Depp has been arrested several times.

He has struggled with drugs and alcohol.

Johnny plays guitar.

He has appeared in music videos and has produced music.

He is a fan of Deadsy and The Rolling Stones.

He's friends with Marilyn Manson and Tim Burton.

He has won numerous awards, most notably for Pirates of the Carribean.

He has been nominated for Academy Awards, Golden Globe and Critic's Choice Awards.

Depp is co-owner of a restaurant.

He owns an island in the Bahamas.

Ako i vi nadjete neke zanimljivosti, postavite ih ovde.
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